Blood Kin & Other Strangers

ISBN 092991578X
6 x 9, hard cover, 168 pages


By Patsy Evans Pittman

2009 Indie Book Award Finalist Best Short Story Fiction

2008 National USA News Best Book Award Finalist for Best Short Stories and Poetry

Indie Excellence Book Award Finalist

In Blood Kin and Other Strangers Patsy Evans Pittman explores that most intimate of mysteries—the family. Drawn from her Appalachian heritage, these short stories and poems of love and loss, revenge and redemption, deceit and murder are among today’s best.

This carefully crafted collection features stark drama, gentle humor and surprise endings—and characters who will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

Patsy Evans Pittman is a master at creating multi-dimensional characters who jump right off the page and into our hearts. These characters stem from all realms of life, yet we empathize with them as they battle internal demons, external hardships, or impending death.— Sandy Tritt, CEO, Inspiration for Writers,Author of E verything I Know and Tips & Techniques Workbook.

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