Why Wait? Fulfilling Dreams from Tragedy

9780938467236, 6 x 9, pb,


By Rob Quillen

London Book Festival Honorable Mention-Best Spiritual Book
International Book Awards Finalist Best Self-Help: Motivational Book
Los Angels Book Festival Honorable Mention Best Spiritual Book
Honorable Mention DIY Book Festival Best General Non-Fiction

A chance meeting on Sept. 10, 2001 started a quest to help others by author Rob Quillen that would change his life forever. Ten years later his personal 9/11 story of fulfilling a young boy's dream from tragedy will be released by Headline Books in the new book, Why Wait?.

On a flight from Denver to Newark, N.J, author Rob Quillen made the acquaintance of Captain Jason Dahl, who the next day would be piloting United Airlines Flight 93 when it crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pa., during the infamous 9/11 terror attacks. During the flight, without an inkling of the tragedy that was to come, the two men became close friends, talking about dreams and what the future might hold. Quillen was wearing a Jeff Gordon polo shirt that sparked a conversation about NASCAR.

Dahl and his son, Matt, dreamed of going to a NASCAR race and meeting their hero, driver Jeff Gordon. Quillen had two extra tickets for the race at Kansas Speedway later that month. He couldn't arrange a meeting with Gordon, but promised to get the Dahls in to see that race.

When Captain Dahl died the next day, Quillen resolved to make good on his promise and take Matt to that race. With the help of many people, including NASCAR, ESPN and NBC television, he got Matt Dahl to the race as Gordon's special guest.

Quillen tells the story in Why Wait?. "The book is about a simple life lesson for everyone: Why do we wait to help dreams for other people come true before it is too late?" Quillen said. "All of us have the amazing power to help dreams come true for someone else - you just have to make the decision to do it. It's never too late for an act of kindness.

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