ISBN 0929915232
160 pages, 6 x 9, PB


By F. T. Pandora

Florida Book Festival Honorable Mention

Stacked in a large pyramid on a wooden table in front of the courtroom were hundreds of small white skulls. Each skull had a small hole bored in its forehead where Devlin Morgan had sucked out its living brain.”

So begins the desperate odyssey of 12 year old Chip Curtis, whose loftiest ambition is to become a member of the most popular social group in seventh grade. His life rapidly deteriorates into a string of personal and social disasters. His father died when he was younger, his hair is turning white, he is arrested, he can’t stop lying to his mother and the leader of the popular social group despises him.

Then, convicted felon, Devlin Morgan announces publicly he’ll take revenge on Chip and escapes from custody! Chip finds a secret message suggesting his father was murdered and he should go to an abandoned salt mine to seek justice! Unknown to Chip, special powers will change his life and everyone will depend upon his battle with a mad man in a pitch-black mine beneath the city.

“Revenge is an engaging tale with powerful characters, great intrigue, and lots of compelling suspense. Even though the story is primarily written for young readers, the wisdom it imparts will benefit readers of all ages.” —William Greenleaf, Author, Timejumper, Clarion
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